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Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark Coach

Jessica is the Head Coach and Founder of Pump & Shred, managing business operations and marketing for the brand. In addition to her background in fitness and nutrition, Jessica has over 10 years of professional marketing experience and holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree of Business Administration.


NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness, CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Kettlebell


Jessica has competed in the National Physique Committee (NPC) of bodybuilding and is a Nationally-Qualified Bikini Division Competitor. She leads group fitness classes in Austin as a Cycologist at Cyc Fitness, is a personal trainer, and offers personalized training plans. Jessica is currently pursuing her goal of being an internationally published fitness and health writer in print and online.  She lives the code and follows the same nutrition, supplementation, and fitness guidelines that she prescribes to her clients.

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Kara Deleon

Coach Kara

Kara has over 5 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a CrossFit Coach and most recently as a Coach at Atomic Athlete in Austin, TX. Kara has a passion for coaching people and seeing the success and results in her athlete’s getting “Stronger, Faster and Harder to Kill”.


Kara is a certified Crossfit Level 1 Coach and has multiple CrossFit certifications including: Coaches Prep, CrossFit Barbell, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Nutrition, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Running and CrossFit Mobility Certifications. Coach Kara Deleon


Kara played soccer, volleyball and ran track in junior high and high school. Kara found a passion for jiu jitsu and kickboxing and did that for a few years and then found CrossFit, which she coached for 4 years until going to Atomic Athlete. Kara has a passion for nutrition and loves helping others with nutrition questions and helping them to succeed in the nutrition goals. Kara is dedicated to living an active and healthy lifestyle and has a passion for helping others with theirs.

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Courtney Carlisle

Coach Courtney

A Texas A&M alumnus, Courtney is a Coach and Athlete at OTL Fitness in Central Austin. She has always been passionate about health and fitness, especially after discovering CrossFit in 2007. Courtney’s focus is to spread the word about health and fitness, and help others reach their goals. She lives the code of hard work and clean eating, and wants to encourage others to do the same.

Coach Courtney Carlisle


AFAA Group Fitness, Weightlifting Wise Seminar: The Art of Coaching Weightlifting


Courtney loves competing in local Crossfit, Track and Field, and Weightlifting competitions. She is very involved in the fitness community in Austin. At Of the Lion Fitness, she takes on the role of Head Coach for Lion Pride Boot Camps, Assistant Coach for the Indoor Strength and Conditioning Classes, and provides personal training for clients who are looking to conquer their weaknesses in a one on one environment.

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Mona Markwardt


Mona Profile 1
Mona is a Registered Dietitian and has over two years experience working in the field of nutrition and dietetics. She earned her Bachelor’s in Nutrition from Baylor University in 2010 and Master’s in Nutrition from Texas Tech University in 2012. She also completed her supervised practice dietetic internship through Texas Tech University in Amarillo.
Mona has a passion for nutrition, health, and wellness and desires to help others achieve their goals by providing clients with the tools necessary to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She wants her clients to know and understand how nutrition plays a role in reaching goals when related to fat loss, performance, physique, or overall health goals – If you dial in on nutrition and stay consistent, success is sure to follow. Mona is currently located in Waco, TX, and enjoys working with clients both in person and online.Mona_KB


Registered & Licensed Dietitian
M.S. in Nutritional Science – Texas Tech University
B.S. in Nutrition Science – Baylor University
Precision Nutrition – Level 1 Nutrition Coach Certification (in progress)


In high school, Mona played softball and ran track, and enjoyed running throughout college. In 2011, she was diagnosed with two herniated discs in her lumbar spine, which has limited some of her physical capabilities. Instead of allowing this chronic back injury dictate her lifestyle she stays active and moving, dialed in on nutrition, and is able to just enough of the right physical activity to stay strong and lean. Mona wants to motivate and encourage others to take advantage of their health and ability to be active and moving, especially those who think they are unable to live lean due to chronic pain or injuries. More on Mona’s story here.

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Billy Triplett


As an active athlete since childhood, Billy Triplett has always put hard work and discipline in the highest of regards. A product of the Communication and Sports Comm program at Mississippi State University, Billy has a knack for laying out the facts to those who are willing to learn. Having moved to Austin in 2011, he came to realize that he was in the perfect place for honing one’s natural-born talents, both physically and mentally.

Striving to become better each and every day is the one goal to which he aspires. A goal he wants not only for himself, but for those around him as well. 


Underground Strength CoachBilly3


Billy played Football in High School helping to lead the Winston Patriots to four consecutive State Titles. He also enjoyed intramural sports in college having played both rugby and soccer. Running, Rucking, CrossFit and Weightlifting are his passions now, and as a Hybrid Athlete at Atomic Athlete, Billy wants to continue to sharpen his abilities and take all of the lessons he learns to become “Stronger, Faster and Harder to Kill” both inside and outside the gym.

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Amber Reile


Amber has 6 years experience in the nutrition and fitness community that started with a degree in Physical Education and Health that has transpired into a professional career in the marketing world.  Health and fitness has always been a part of her life showing up in activities such as coaching soccer, running half marathons, and most recently getting involved with CrossFit.

Besides CrossFit, Amber loves barre classes and uses the Nike Training Club app for training ideas when traveling for work. After taking part in the Pump & Shred program in 2013, she now uses food to fuel her activity and to feel strong and healthy.  She is excited to share her knowledge with everyone. Amber is currently located in Chicago, IL.

CoachAmber barbell


BA: Physical Education and Health, MS: Sport Administration


Amber played soccer, basketball, and track in high school with soccer always being her favorite.  She now runs a few races each year for fun and hopes to compete in her first CrossFit competition this fall. She loves “geeking out” about meal planning to really show her clients that eating clean doesn’t have to be boring, and truly is a lifestyle.

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Christine LaHaye

Coach Christine

Christine has been working in the health field for over 10 years. After burning out on nursing, she moved into Physical Therapy and has been happily helping people rehab injuries ever since. Specializing in orthopedic and sports rehab as well as manual therapy, Christine helps patients strengthen weakness and heal overworked muscles. After completing Pump & Shred in 2013, and enjoying the process and results so much, Christine knew she wanted to help others find their lean living protocol.


In addition to her extensive background in the health field, Christine is currently pursuing the Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching certification. Christine 16


Christine ran track in junior high and high school and has enjoyed running most of her life. In 2011 she began weight lifting, which has since become a passion of hers. Christine trains not only for aesthetics, but to be a well-rounded athlete. She enjoys both bodybuilding and performance-style workouts, as well as sprinting and distance running. Her love of the process of training has sparked a desire to train for and compete in her first NPC Bodybuilding Competition in 2015. Christine is currently located in Racine, WI, and is taking on local and distance clients.

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Morgan Pitcher

Morgan Pitcher

Morgan is an Assistant Coach and nutrition blogger at Brooklyn Crossfit South Williamsburg/Columbia Street. Originally from Texas, Morgan moved to New York in 2010, and after getting more involved with CrossFit and nutrition since then, she has discovered a passion for helping people accomplish their goals and finds it very rewarding to be a part of that change. She believes that training smart and eating well can truly make a difference in people’s lives. She lives the code.

Since discovering CrossFit in 2008, she started turning into her own nutrition for improvements in her workouts, which led to a more healthy lifestyle. After Morgan graduated from the Pump & Shred program in January of 2014, she knew this was a lifestyle approach that not only helped her achieve her fitness and performance goals, but one that would help the athletes she spent time with at her gym.


CrossFit Level 1, and pursuing CrossFit Rowing and USAW certifications as well


Morgan grew up being very active, participating in many sports from a young age, gymnastics followed by ice skating, track, basketball, club volleyball, and rowing. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2008, and now enjoys competing in local CrossFit competitions.

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